Good Products are all about creating Great Customer experiences while solving a consumer need.Good product organizations understand that their responsibility is to provide the consumers with something that is worth usable. It can be done at any point where a consumer interact with a product. Any successful product influence people through engaging, authentic experiences that render value. A ‘customer experience’ is then every unique point of interaction that a product makes with its customers, through every transaction, dialogue and visit. In Old Doordarshan days the only customer experience that I remember was a screen which said "Rukhavat Ke Liye Khed Hein" or "Sorry for the Interruption".

Consumers are not looking for any product that will satisfy their need in any possible manner, they are looking for a product that will satisfy their need in the best possible manner . A product manager should ensure that the product offers the best possible solution at least to one set of customers for their pain point . Especially in industries where product differentiation is low, a great customer experience can make all the difference in a sale situation.Good Customer experience will reflect directly on customer satisfaction, and ultimately, create a loyal group of customers who love your product.

How can you offer a good experience for a product that is in the coding factory instead of displaying a plan vanila under construction page?. There may be some customers who are visiting your site after getting to know about it through some source and you can always try to catch them and engage with the like how foostor has done it on their under construction homepage.

  • Bluedart - Tells a customer that the delivery will be reliable and prompt
  • Visa - Tell a customer that the payment is trusted and secure
  • Careers - Click on the career page , gives an overview of a friendly team which looks inviting
  • Customer Service - Promises that it will be friendly and if this website is the way to go by then the customer service may be rally friendly

and my favorite "Bole To, Apun ko Tumne Mamoo banaya" - Makes an instant connection with Indians.

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