All brands vie for attention of consumers. One of the simplest and engaging ways to get attention is by forging connections to events that consumers are following avidly, which can be sports events like world cup or elections or festivals.

I liked the way in which Idea Cellular has connected itself with 26/11 using this advertisment of Abhishek Bachan.

26/11 is a very sensitive brand touch point. If a brand is being preceived as "milking 26/11 tragedy", may be it is the end of that brand life cycle.Idea has done it well. Why?

# They are going to donate a part of their revenue to Mumbai Police which seems to be a nice patriotic action

# They have integrated in some mice brand touch points in social media from a website, facebook group to Rediff Message boards

Idea is not the only brand that is trying to be associated with 26/11. However Idea seems to be the most effective one.

Pringoo - A popular website for ordering personalised T Shirt also had an innovative way to connect with customers using 26/11 as a touch point.

How it helped IKEA in Sweden ? Check it out

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