Seriously, I know you clicked on the link after seeing the "pr*****" word -and that is how you can market a product by sending the appropriate cues in which people like you and me will be interested in.

Can't agree more with this quote from one of my ex-bosses.

If the product is good and popular then everyone wants to have a piece of the pie. All functions in an organisation like sales, marketing, design, engineering, QA and anyone and everyone will need a share of the credit for being a part of the product.

The Product manager can either be a like a pimp who let his product to be "*****" around or can fight and try to win a battle for the users and community which loves his product.

When you use and admire any product on the internet, rest be assured that there is someone at the back who thought a lot about users like you and struggled hard to make it in a usable format. But these people who can coordinate seamlessly between the various stakeholders are really few . The proof lies in all those prostitute products that come across as old, failed ways of creating products, and life is too short for bad products..

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  1. Guru Panguji said...
    Love the quote man. =) And I completely agree with you that the product manager has to struggle to give the users what they want and still get it done given his/her resource constraints.

    That's what makes a great product manager.

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