One of those things that is dreded by any product manager is Service Outage and Maintenance Scedules. The moment when some users may access your product and goes back with a groan or even may send you a brickbat through the feedback system. One of the ways to tackle this is to tell each user in advance about the maintenance and down time or if it is a service outage then show them a message that will convert the dreaded groan to a smile.The maintenance pages shows the creativity of the product team and the manager.

My personal favorite has always been bloglines.

Here is a list of some good maintenance page implementations from Smashing Magazine.

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  1. Gerard said...
    It can be frustrating for both clients and site owners whenever maintenance disrupts website operations. I agree that creativity must be used to handle such situations smoothly.

    We consulted web development (toronto), website host to keep us posted whenever such events will take place. They responded aptly by having a web designer (toronto) to create interesting icons explaining the website maintenance instead of a blank or error screen. I suggest other website owners to consult their own providers to lessen the inconvenience.

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