My fixed line connection and internet conked in the Bangalore rains yesterday.

Called up Airtel Customer Care at 11:20 AM and they came and repaired it at 11:30 AM.

So Soon!

Have you experienced the past?

When the telephone connections in India was controlled by Govt and there was a monopoly.

Those were the days of endless queues for

- applying for a new connection
- getting the instrument
- submitting a telephone bill
- getting a telephone connection repaired

Compare it with the present

No Queues for any of the things above. and there are providers like Airtel who will repair within 10 minutes after making complaints.

Thank god as customers we have numerous choices for telephone services in India and when you have numerous choices then all all our choices will try to delight us in every possible way.

When there are lot of choices, then the winning products will be those products which are trying to delight customer in each and every possible interaction with a customer.


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